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Adding new impact glass windows can help protect your home during a hurricane or strong storm, but also provides many other advantages for your home.

Increase property value

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home and remodel? There are many ways people can choose to start their next remodeling project, and it can be difficult to choose what area of the home you want to start with first. If you’re thinking about remodeling, consider adding new impact glass windows to your home. You can increase the value of your home and you’ll also start seeing your electric bill decrease after you add your new impact glass windows. To learn more about getting the best impact glass windows in the South Florida area contact our team at Statewide Windows & Doors today.

What are the advantages of high impact glass windows?

While most people might only think that impact glass windows will protect their home during a storm or hurricane, there are also many other advantages these windows can provide for your home all year round. At Statewide Windows & Doors we have high impact glass windows that are energy efficient and Energy Star rated, meaning you could start to see your electric bill decrease. These windows will also protect you if someone tries to break into your home. These windows are tested to withstand flying debris during a hurricane and will also withstand a brick, hammer, or any other object an intruder may try to use to break in. This allows you to have the peace of mind you need while you’re away and you’ll know your home is safe all year.

In addition to being energy star tested and resistant to intruders, impact glass windows can also benefit your home in the following ways:

  • Insurance premium discounts
  • Noise reduction
  • UV protection
  • Increased resale value
  • Tax credits

It’s easy to see why many are choosing to add these windows, as they provide many advantages on top of protecting your home during a strong storm of hurricane. Owning a home is incredibly rewarding, and protecting your home is important. Call our team at Statewide Windows & Doors today to learn more about how you can get the best impact glass windows in South Florida.

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Not just during storms and hurricanes, there are many other advantages impact windows and doors can provide for your home all year round.

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From new construction to redesign, our experienced team will make sure you receive the highest quality impact windows and service installation.

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